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Posted On : May 29, 2021

Sabzi Mangao Blogs

Sabzi Mangao is made to deliver you 100% assured fresh vegetables & fruits. We are here to create a trust for buying your daily essentials online and deliver you the best like same you used to pick by yourself in the market. 

Our experts work hard to pick only those which are actually fresh and demanded by you. 

To help instantly we have our support ready on WhatsApp so that we can provide you the best resolution or help you in a better way than too instantly.

We are adding more features and correcting our services day by day. We are launching these blog features so that we can able to help you to post recipes, news about Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, GroceriesEggs, Beverages Snacks & More.

You can also Download Our Android App to get a smooth shopping experience. We provide you complimentary washing option so that you'll get veggies and fruits as you want.

You can check out our FAQ's for any kind of information or questions. We review, add or modify the questions and answers frequently.



About Sabzi Mangao